COVID Safety Plan

Dec 1, 2020 - We are currently only doing Virtual Classes and Private socially distanced classes. We are waiting for the PHO regulations for Indoor Group Fitness to be posted before we can re-open fully. Fingers crossed, and prayers up that this happens soon!  -Angel

Safety Procedures & Protocols for Students
Before Entering the Studio:

  • COVID Symptom Self-Check: We ask that all students self-check for symptoms before entering the studio. If you develop any cold/flu-like symptoms you will not be admitted into your class.

  • Reduced Change Rooms: Students are encouraged to arrive to class already dressed for class whenever possible.

  • Bring your own Water: Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class from home. We do provide filtered and bottled water, however we ask that you use hand sanitizer before serving yourself.

  • Hand Sanitization: Students will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entry into the studio.

  • Temperature Taken: Every student must have their temperature taken by our front desk staff before entering class.

While in the Studio:

  • Hand Sanitization: Students will be provided with hand sanitizer during class to maintain sanitization

  • Personal cubbies will be provided for each student in the studio during their class time.  Cubbies are fully sterilized daily.  Students are encouraged to only bring the personal belongings needed for their classes with them and leave extra items at home.

  • Masks: We do require masks to be worn in the reception area. Masks are encouraged in studio class time.

  • Smaller Class Sizes: Each class size has reduced capacity making it easier to maintain social distancing.  

  • Equipment Sanitization: Poles, Hoops and Mats are all sanitized between each use. Each student receives their own sanitizing cloth to use throughout their class and at the end of class.

  • Aerial Hammock Sanitization: Students will be assigned their own personal sanitized Silk for every class.  All silks will be fully sanitized between classes.

  • Partner Work: In Pole Fitness and Aerial sports, spotting is often required. Students may spot each other as long as both parties are wearing masks, and they keep the same spotter throughout the class. If a student prefers to maintain 100% social distance, they will be required to use a safety mat, and their instructor will give more detailed verbal cues to keep the student safe.

Safety Procedures & Protocols Implemented by AAF Staff
Class & Staff Safety Protocols & Procedures:

  • Reduced Class Times: Class times have been reduced to 50 minutes to reduce the amount of students coming in and out of the studio at one time.

  • Livestreamed & On-Demand Classes:  Classes can done from home via Livestream, or our On-Demand library. This ensures that everybody can join in from the safety of their own home, and reducing exposure.

  • Reduced Exposure to other Classes: The class scheduled will be structured with back to back classes as much as possible so students taking multiple classes can stay in the same room with the same group of class mates while the teachers will travel between this reducing exposure.  

  • Frequent Hand Sanitization: Teachers will facilitate multiple hand sanitization opportunities during each class.

  • Increased Staff Training: Teachers & staff have received additional safety training related to Covid Health & Safety.

  • Teacher Temperature Checks:  Teachers will take daily temperature checks with the studios Point & Shoot Digital Thermometer before entering the studio for their shift.

Cleaning Procedures – Dance Works Safety Protocols

  • High Touch Surface Cleaning: All high touch surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day

  • Equipment Cleaning: All equipment (Mats, blocks, etc) will be sanitized between each student

  • Frequent Floor Sanitization: All floors will be sanitized daily

  • Increased Cleaning After Hours: Extra cleaning and disinfecting will be done each night when students leave

  • Increase Bathroom Cleaning:  Bathrooms will be sanitized daily.

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