Ballistic Labs Trigger 2.0 is an industry first, it offers 100% transparency with its nutraceutical profile. This pre-workout formula contains full clinical dosages of science proven ingredients. Ballistic Labs Trigger 2.0 formula features a massive 21.5gram serving size with 20 synergistic performance enhancing ingredients.


Trigger 2.0 was developed for serious athletes looking to take their athletic performance to the next level. The Trigger 2.0 formula will help you push through the most challenging workout, practice,race or game.


Trigger 2.0 is science-backed ingredients proven to enhance athletic performance, increase muscle protein synthesis (growth) and prevent fatigue. With a 100% transparent ingredient dosing on the label, you know exactly what you are getting in each scoop.  


Do not make any compromises when it comes to your performance and pre-workout supplement. Pull the trigger with Trigger 2.0!

Ballistic Labs - Trigger