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  • What can I expect from my first pole class?
    Anticipating your first class can be exciting and a little nerve wracking. That's OK! Nerves are normal, but try not to sweat it, until you're in class. When you arrive one of our team will meet you at our front desk with a release waiver for you, and we will show you where we keep our water bottles (free), the bathroom, and the cubbies for your bag Once the class is ready to start you'll be shown into the studio and you can pick a pole! Angel, Dani, or Shantal will be your instructor, and they will guide you and the other students through an upbeat super fun warm up! Now that you're warm we will do some small movements we call conditiong exercises, to work the shoulders, arms, and abs a little extra! Next up Pole spins, and stunts and maybe even upside down! Don't worry, we will keep you very safe with clear instruction, safety mats, and progressive learning methods so you only come off the floor when you're ready and comfortable! Finally we stretch! We will walk you through a stretch and answer any questions you may have. DONE! You did it! Treat yourself to a bubble bath and a glass of wine, you are now, officially, a pole dancer!
  • What do I wear?
    It depends on the class! When you tap the TITLE of the class it will give you a full description, as well as if you need to bring or wear anything specific. - Wear shorts for pole classes - Bare feet for all classes - Wear a top you can safely go upside down in for aerial yoga and hoop classes - For the rest, any kind of workout wear is fine! If you still have questions, no problem! Text or call us at 778-404-0875
  • What class do I start with as a beginner?
    We have so many options, I totally get that it can be overwhelming! Some great first-time classes are Aerial Classes: Pole Level 1, Hoop Level 1, Aerial Yoga Level 1 Workouts: Power Pole, Animal Flow Stretch or gentle Classes: Flexibility Level 1, Zen Aerial Yoga. If you have questions about any of these, feel free to text us at 778-404-0875 and we're happy to help!
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