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Jelly Bean Day!

April 22, 2024!
Image by Patrick Fore

Get a Jelly Bean Pass 

Get a 3-Class Jelly Bean Pass for only $45 in honour of Jelly Bean day! 

Correctly Guess the number of Jelly beans in the Jelly Bean Jar (or get within 20 without going over) and get an extra free class!

The Jelly Bean Jar photo will be posted on our IG Story at 10am on Jelly Bean Day!

You can have as many Jelly Bean Passes as you like! Share them with your family living in your house! They are valid for 1 whole month, so that's lots of time to use them up!

Image by Patrick Fore

New to the Studio?

Welcome to the studio family! What a fun and fabulous way to start a new fitness journey! 

First, if you have any questions at all You can email us here. You can also text us at 778-404-0875

Once you grab your Jelly Bean pass(es), one of our team will text you to help you pick the classes you want! If you want to book the same classes as a friend, we can make that happen too!

We're here to help, and we cannot WAIT to meet you!

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