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Poles & Equipment

You can have your own pole and other equipment at home!



We have been using X-Poles in our studio since 2008, and we're not stopping now! We keep them in stock at the studio, contact us to pick yours up today!



Now if you use this link, you can purchase ANYTHING on and we will receive a small commission! Shop for anything from workout gear to BBQ sauce, and everything in between!


Thank you for your support!


Lupit Pole

Highly recommended poles and crash mats! We use Lupit grip pads and Lupit crash mats in our studio.

Use code ANGELS for 5% off!


Mighty Grip

Mighty Grip has helped many people to enhance their athletic performance by providing optimum protection and grip over many years. Our products are 100% guaranteed. 


All Mighty Grip products are designed and handcrafted in house by the Mighty Grip production team.


Anyone want new shoes? Shoefreaks has you covered with have a wide variety of shoes available to choose from!

Use code ANGELS to get a one time 15% discount! This is also an affiliate link, so you support the studio when you make a purchase. Thank you!



These weighted ropes give you the feedback you need to learn how to jump quickly and the weight you want for an effective full-body workout. 10/10 we recommend!

This is an affiliate link, so you support the studio when you make a purchase through this link. Thank you!

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